Master TonicTM Lemonade: Suggested Uses

Master Cleanser Lemonade Diet & General Use

Lemonade: Mix 1 part Master Tonic with 7 parts filtered water:

If mix as described above, each 8-ounce serving will contain ½ ounce lemon juice (not from concentrate), ½ ounce maple syrup (grade B) and a pinch of ground cayenne pepper. However, you can add less, or more, water to suit your taste.

Live, Raw Lemon Juice: If you'd like to increase the enzematic activity you can add a little juice from fresh squeezed (organic) lemons. To learn more about enzymes and enzyme therapy read Enzymes: What the Experts Know. Other books are available on our Other Products page.

"The Master Cleanser"

Nutrition for Athletes / Sport Nutrition

Master Tonic lemonade is a natural alternative to sport drinks, energy gels and energy bars:

Sports Hydration: Drinking Master Tonic lemonade (as prepared above) before, during and after exercise may help keep your body hydrated and nourished for optimal athletic performance. The maple syrup in Master Tonic provides vitamins, minerals and a balance of carbohydrates to help maintain your energy level, while the lemon juice and cayenne pepper offer additional vitamins and minerals to help meet the needs of athletes. Cayenne pepper has also been studied for its effects as an anti-inflammatory and natural pain reliever.

Sports Recovery Drink: Sports nutritionists suggest you take a carbohydrate beverage containing some easily-digested protein within 30 minutes after a strenuous workout. The following "smoothy" has such proteins and amino acids together with the important nutrients available from Master Tonic in combination with whole fruit and nuts. If you want your smoothy cold, we suggest you use a frozen banana and chilled lemonade. Combine the following ingredients in a blender:

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