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Core Software that Drives Solar & Wind Energy Sales.

Energy Matter's technologies are used by more than 80% of the companies installing solar, wind and other renewable energy systems in the United States. The Company develops core technology and specific applications used by professional installer/contractors, Distributors, Manufacturers (OEMs), and Internet marketing organizations. The Company's technologies are used to estimate energy efficiency, solar, and wind energy project cost and performance, and to help connect consumers to energy professionals, contractors, equipment manufacturers and other solar, wind, energy storage and energy efficiency services.


Powered by Energy Matters` Technology: is a robust, professional-level performance estimating and financial analysis engine. Use it to create financial performance reports for single- or multiple-technology energy solutions. Accommodates solar electric (PV), energy storage, solar water heating, solar pool/spa heating, space heating, wind turbines and energy efficiency projects. In late 2017 the platform was sold to SolarReviews.


Energy Matters' founder developed the core technology and led the launch of a solar electric (PV) sales proposal platform offered by Clean Power Finance Inc. (CPF, now "Spruce Financial"). is the next generation of such software, wholy separate and unaffiliated with "Spruce Financial" or their "Tools" software.


San Francisco Solar Water
The City of San Francisco licensed Energy Matter's technology to run its Solar Water estimator


An industry trend setter and leader.... When was developed and launched by Energy Matters, it was the first website in the solar industry to offer internet-based sales leads, customer reviews and self-service solar estimators. Over more than a decade, it grew to offer the largest listing of renewable energy professionals and the largest depository of customer reviews. And, it had provided more than 70,000 sales leads to solar professionals. In 2013 the site was sold, allowing Energy Matters to focus on its professional-level software services -- an area where The Company is also a leader and setting new trends in the industry.


Also Powered by Energy Matters` Technology ....

renewable energy long island LIShines is a Web site developed for Long Island, NY to help you determine the cost and benefits of installing solar on your home or building. The Web site also features a database of contractors to help you select an experienced building professional. Energy Matters licensed content to RELI, who now administers and maintains the site
wind energy calculator canada
Canadian Small Wind Energy Calculator is a Web-based calculator developed for the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA). This online wind calculator helps consumers determine the cost and benefits of installing small wind energy systems for their home, farm or building.


Television, Video & Media Productions

video-This Renewable House This Renewable House is an educational video program that helps homeowners understand modern solar or wind energy systems, and summarizes the important steps to install a system. The program originally aired in 2002 across public television (PBS) stations in California and is now available on DVD. This video was developed under funding from the California Energy Commission's Renewable Energy Consumer Education grant program. Energy Matters owns and distributes This Renewable House.
video-sunny and friends
Sunny and Friends a series of five short animated video programs to introduce children to renewable energy basics. Topics covered include solar electric, solar thermal, wind energy, biogas, and small hydro power. The videos are available in English and Spanish languages. These videos were developed under funding from the California Energy Commission's Renewable Energy Consumer Education grant program. If you are interested in receiving a CD copy of these videos, please contact us by sending an email to: Energy Matters owns and distributes Sunny & Friends. Watch Sunny & Friends on the Links page


Easy-to-use E-File Tax Software

prepare and e-file your tax return was developed and operated by Energy Matters from 2005 - 2012 (sold in 2012). With Taxhead, the company created a secure, easy, accurate and low-cost way for most individuals to prepare and file their own income tax return. Energy Matters was an authorized IRS software developer and efile tax return provider. The company was also an IRS e-File partner.


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