Lectra Range Calculator & Performance Simulator

The Lectra was designed to povide 30 miles of riding at 30 mph (100% to 0% charge). However, range will vary with driver and driving conditions. Climbing hills and riding at speeds greater than 30 mph will effect range the most.Air temperature and rider weight will effect range less significantly.

The following range simulator is designed to predict the distance you can travel on the Lectra under various conditions. It assumes range from full (100% charge) to 20% charge remaining.

To predict your range, complete the following and click "submit".

Average Speed you expect to travel:
(note maximum speed is 51 mph)

< 130 pounds
130 - 170 pounds
170-200 pounds
> 200 pounds

Type of Roads:

Type of Driving:
Cruising Steady
Stop and Go driving

Over 75
60 to 75
50 to 60
40 to 50
under 40